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At Claret Asset Management, we believe that every investment portfolio should respond to the unique needs of the investor it was created to serve.

Throughout the years, we have developed an expertise in managing investment portfolios specifically designed for high net worth clients. Our philosophy is to maximize long term, after tax returns, given our clients’ constraints, while ensuring each of our clients’ peace of mind in the short term.

We have one investment philosophy throughout the firm. Each investment opportunity is assessed and carefully analyzed by Claret’s Portfolio Managers, after which a decision is made.

Our investment methodology is based on the fundamentals of value investing, tried and proven through time.

At Claret, we are just as preoccupied by capital preservation as by its potential growth. The first question we ask ourselves before making an investment is: if we are wrong, what do we stand to lose. We then look at the growth possibilities. This is the best way to minimize bad surprises. Although we do have a conservative approach, we still outperform our benchmarks over the long term.

We are numbers oriented Portfolio Managers and a numbers oriented firm. The first thing we look at when considering a possible investment are the numbers contained in the corporate financial statements. The story comes second.

Your wealth matters.

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