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When meeting a client for the first time, we focus on listening to their needs. Every client has a different story and in order to manage their investment portfolio to the best of our abilities, it is important to know and understand our future client to ensure a long term relationship.

Clients receive a monthly statement for each of their accounts directly from the custodian and a quarterly, detailed investment statement from Claret. Each client has access, if they chose, to their accounts on the web, through the custodian’s (bank) online portal.

Every client is assigned their own personal investment management team. It is our responsibility to ensure that there is always someone available to answer a client’s questions.

At Claret, clients always speak directly to their Portfolio Manager regarding their financial matters.

The client’s objectives tend to evolve over time. It is our responsibility to adapt to the ever changing needs of our clientele by keeping up to date with changes in our industry that are susceptible to affect them directly. At Claret, we strongly believe that the education of our clients is the key to a long term relationship, based on trust, understanding and respect.

Your wealth matters.

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