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The Psychology of Money Management

Within the process of building and maintaining your long term financial well-being, achieving a reasonable rate of return on your investments is the obvious main contributor. Yet, the lack of understanding regarding the psychology side of money management has been one of the biggest roadblocks for investors in achieving their goals. In this letter, we […]

Independent players: specialization and independence

“In private wealth management, our first role is to be a trustee as we have the responsibility to act in the highest interest of the client”, explains Jean-Paul Giacometti, vice-president at Claret Asset Management Corporation. Despite their good intentions, banks are struggling not to end up in conflicts of interest, according to Claret’s vice-president. And […]

Is paying a premium for “safe” securities, safe?

Investors are willing to pay a large premium to buy “safe” securities. In the long run, this can be a serious mistake, says Vincent Fournier, portfolio manager at Claret. Watch this French interview on Les Affaires

Four experts; 12 companies

Large U.S. multinationals, Quebec inc. corporations, and some unknown companies. Our four experts gave us a diversified list of ideas just in time to get back in the market. Here are their 12 suggestions. Read this French article on Les Affaires

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