Living beyond your savings…

Claret Asset Management

After a euphoric move to the upside that Donald Trump claims credit for, the market seems to have peaked in January and entered a corrective phase. Volatility in the markets is up but not beyond the norm if we take a longer perspective.  What is less “normal” is the fact the 2017 had no volatility. […]

Change is good! About Indexing… Volatility…

We are sorry to report that the financial markets seem to disagree with the media assessment of President Trump’s popularity. Notwithstanding the fact that it is difficult to develop a liking for the US President, as investment managers we should not forget the main drivers of the capitalist system from his message and their effects […]

Managers in action: avoid obligations

Despite the low yields of North American stock indices in the first quarter, the portfolio manager Vincent Fournier from Claret argues that investors should absolutely avoid taking refuge in the bond market. The reason is simple: low interest rates in both Canada and the United States, ensure that bond yields are lower than inflation expectations, […]

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