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Forecast 2016: Bonds

With the recent rise in the key interest rate in the United States, experts recommend avoiding the US bond market next year. The situation will be even worst if other rate hikes take place in 2016. But other markets could be interesting. Vincent Fournier, from Claret, shares his opinion (0:00 – 1:25 min).   Watch […]

Staying the course – one investment at a time

Staying the course – one investment at a time We thought that you might want to know how we stand over the long term after such a long period of stock market advances without any major correction (since 2009 low, the S&P500 only had 2 “noticeable” corrections that are over 15%: one in 2010 – […]

Volatility: a long time friend

Volatility: a long time friend Looking at financial markets over the first 6 months of the year, so far, we can definitely call 2013 the year of extremes:   Some reasons for the upside, The US Federal Reserve has been buying US $85 billion in bonds per month; Not to be outdone, the Bank of […]

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