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How would you invest a $100 000 portfolio?

Investing $100 000 in equities on a 5 years time horizon. Here is the challenge we presented to four portfolio managers. Keith Farrant mentions at the outset that the usual portfolio composition at Claret contains 50 to 75 securities. The firm uses a bottom up approach based on fundamental analysis. “We do not do macroeconomic analysis, […]

Is paying a premium for “safe” securities, safe?

Investors are willing to pay a large premium to buy “safe” securities. In the long run, this can be a serious mistake, says Vincent Fournier, portfolio manager at Claret. Watch this French interview on Les Affaires

Managers in action: some deals among preferred shares

The Canadian preferred shares market has experienced some hard times in the past few months. Securities issued at 25 dollars took a step back to 20, 19, even 17 dollars. Numerous deals exist on the market at this time according to Vincent Fournier, portfolio manager at Claret Asset Management Corporation.    Watch this French interview […]

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