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Claret Global Multi-Asset Fund – Advancing to the next level

Eighteen years ago, Pierre Thauvette was filing paperwork at Claret Asset Management. Today, he is in charge of a successful hedge fund prized by his peers. Beyond this pleasant success, the portfolio manager now concentrates his efforts on achieving commercial success. Read this French Article on Finance & Investissement

A tip from Alain Chung to avoid costly mistakes

Very few investors are able to predict which are the best technology companies on the stock market. Alain Chung, Chief Investment Officer at Claret, has a tip for independent investors who want to venture into that sector: diversify your bets. Read this French article on Les Affaires

Why is the recent rise in bond rates so important?

US 10-year bonds crossed the 3% mark this week for the first time since 2014. Vincent Fournier, Portfolio Manager at Claret, explains why the stock markets is worried about it. Watch this French interview on Les Affaires  

The return of the stock picker

Vincent Fournier, CFA, is a portfolio manager at Claret Asset Management, in Montreal. According to him, the key to the success of any active strategy lies in the duration. Read this French article as well as Mr. Fournier’s comments on Finance et Investissement

Three “outside of the box” blue chips

Les Affaires asked Vincent Fournier, portfolio manager at Claret, if blue chips still existed. Yes, he replied, but with many nuances. He explains how to find them and suggests some interesting names. Read this French article on Les Affaires

Pros & Cons of Robo-Advisors

Most robo-advisors have the perks of being cheap and relatively easy to use. But, would you rely solely on them when it comes to making important investment decisions? Vincent Fournier, Portfolio Manager at Claret, believes that receiving good advice from a real investment professional will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes. Watch this French interview on Les Affaires

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