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Why is the recent rise in bond rates so important?

US 10-year bonds crossed the 3% mark this week for the first time since 2014. Vincent Fournier, Portfolio Manager at Claret, explains why the stock markets is worried about it. Watch this French interview on Les Affaires  

Living beyond your savings…

Claret Asset Management

After a euphoric move to the upside that Donald Trump claims credit for, the market seems to have peaked in January and entered a corrective phase. Volatility in the markets is up but not beyond the norm if we take a longer perspective.  What is less “normal” is the fact the 2017 had no volatility. […]

What 2017 turned out to be

The US stock market gained 17% in Canadian Dollar terms. The technology sector, driven in part by the FAANG Stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) is the big contributor to the performance. Today, it comprises 23.8% of the S & P 500, the third highest weight of any sector after Tech in 1999-2000 and […]

About Alternative Investments and Private Equity

We have received several questions from our clients regarding the attractiveness of many alternative investments and private equity funds. Usually the sales pitch for those types of products revolves around the apparently lower volatility that they offer with similar return prospects or the higher and steady income stream they can offer compared to the measly […]

A market correction?

There would be absolutely nothing abnormal should the market drop anywhere from 5% to 10% before the year’s out. The question is: from what height?

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