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A Record Bull Market

The stock markets are experiencing a period of exceptional growth. How long can it last?

About Alternative Investments and Private Equity

We have received several questions from our clients regarding the attractiveness of many alternative investments and private equity funds. Usually the sales pitch for those types of products revolves around the apparently lower volatility that they offer with similar return prospects or the higher and steady income stream they can offer compared to the measly […]

8 years old bull market…

Is a correction expected in the stock market after 8 years of consecutive increases? Interview with Jean-Paul Giacometti, Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Claret. Watch this French interview on RDI Économie’s Facebook page

Forecasting…Do you actually need it to be successful?

Forecasting…Do you actually need it to be successful? The third quarter was quite brutal for the stock markets around the world. Most indices were down double digits, oil prices hit the high 30s and the global economy seems to be slowing down. Most blame the Chinese economic slowdown and its possible contagion throughout Asia. Others […]

Living on Savings: three scenarios, one conclusion

Living on Savings: three scenarios, one conclusion Stock markets worldwide continued to advance during the second quarter: the US market moved up another 4% or so while the Canadian market added 3%. As the saying goes, bull markets climb walls of worry. Can this be more accurate, especially when you read the newspapers littered with […]

Index investors: time for a new approach?

After the strong market rebound over the past five years, should you worry about the bull market coming to an end and change your approach towards active management? Read this French article on Les Affaires

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