8 years old bull market…

Is a correction expected in the stock market after 8 years of consecutive increases? Interview with Jean-Paul Giacometti, Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Claret. Watch this French interview on RDI Économie’s Facebook page

Taxes: Will Donald Trump have a positive impact on Apple’s earnings?

Donald Trump’s promises on tax reduction would have many positive spin offs, says Vincent Fournier, portfolio manager at Claret. Among the measures under consideration, Donald Trump could reduce the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%, which would have an immediate positive effect on after-tax profits. Mr. Trump would also like to force American companies […]

Is is time to sell RBC?

Royal Bank shares delighted Canadian investors in 2016. Would results somewhat below expectations in the fourth quarter be the signal that it is time to take a break and reduce your positions? Read this French article on Les Affaires

Trump’s arrival will have a positive impact on the US economy

Donald Trump’s economic plan will have a positive impact in the United States. This is the opinion of Vincent Fournier, portfolio manager at Claret. The latter summarizes some expansionist measures of the economic plan of the next US president. He talks about the positive impacts for financial companies, the pharmaceutical industry and oil companies.  Watch […]

Alternative IQ Announces Winners of 9th Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards

Alternative IQ today announced the winners of the 2016 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards, the highest honour in Canada’s hedge fund industry. The Canadian Hedge Fund Awards help investors identify the most exceptional hedge funds of the year, recognizing winners in 4 categories as well as the Overall Best 2016 Canadian Hedge Fund. The Claret Global […]

Some stocks for retired investors

Stocks with an attractive dividend, that are relatively sheltered from a future interest rate rise and for which the time horizon varies from 10 to 15 years. It is according to those criteria that we have invited four portfolio managers to propose some investments that retired investors would benefit from. Here is Keith Farrant’s selection, a […]

3 mistakes to avoid in order to balance a portfolio

In order to maintain a well-balanced portfolio, investors should absolutely avoid three common mistakes in the world of investments, says Vincent Fournier, portfolio manager at Claret.  Watch this French interview on Les Affaires