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Living beyond your savings…

Claret Asset Management

After a euphoric move to the upside that Donald Trump claims credit for, the market seems to have peaked in January and entered a corrective phase. Volatility in the markets is up but not beyond the norm if we take a longer perspective.  What is less “normal” is the fact the 2017 had no volatility. […]

The benefit of saving early

US markets seem to continue to climb a wall of worry driven by events around a President who is more interested in being in the news with his less than diplomatic tweeting than anything else. Sometimes, we wonder whether he is not the king of “fake news” himself… Thank God the US Constitution is written […]

Living on Savings: three scenarios, one conclusion

Living on Savings: three scenarios, one conclusion Stock markets worldwide continued to advance during the second quarter: the US market moved up another 4% or so while the Canadian market added 3%. As the saying goes, bull markets climb walls of worry. Can this be more accurate, especially when you read the newspapers littered with […]

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