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The benefit of saving early

US markets seem to continue to climb a wall of worry driven by events around a President who is more interested in being in the news with his less than diplomatic tweeting than anything else. Sometimes, we wonder whether he is not the king of “fake news” himself… Thank God the US Constitution is written […]

Forecasting…Do you actually need it to be successful?

Forecasting…Do you actually need it to be successful? The third quarter was quite brutal for the stock markets around the world. Most indices were down double digits, oil prices hit the high 30s and the global economy seems to be slowing down. Most blame the Chinese economic slowdown and its possible contagion throughout Asia. Others […]

What a year! Sometimes luck helps…

What a year! Sometimes luck helps… WHAT A YEAR! Dividends included, the US market went up 32%, the euro index went up 22.5% and the Tokyo market went up 54% (although 26% in USD). The emerging markets in general have not done as well though (some markets are actually down for the year). Many economists […]

CST Brands convenience store chain, a bargain

If its management team manages to reduce operating costs, we believe that CST Brands will grow 8% to 10% per year in the next 3 to 4 years regardless of internal growth. The company has also increased its margins in the first quarter. Read this French aricle on Les Affaires

Volatility: a long time friend

Volatility: a long time friend Looking at financial markets over the first 6 months of the year, so far, we can definitely call 2013 the year of extremes:   Some reasons for the upside, The US Federal Reserve has been buying US $85 billion in bonds per month; Not to be outdone, the Bank of […]

Some deals among the lame of year end

Half a dozen of portfolio managers reveal some stocks they deem too battered by year-end sales and likely to improve in the coming years.   Read this French article on Les Affaires

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