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Bye-bye 2020!!!

As 2020 fades into history, it will not be a year that is soon forgotten.

Should we be worried about the S&P 500 approaching 3000 points?

The S&P 500, the flagship index of the US stock market is approaching the psychological threshold of 3000 points, a peak it never reached. Does it mean that the US stock market is currently overvalued? Vincent Fournier, portfolio manager at Claret, does not think so. Watch this French interview on Les Affaires

A Glimpse of Markets as we See Them Today

Following an abysmal 4th quarter of 2018, equity markets rebounded with the biggest quarterly gain since the third quarter of 2009 and the best first quarter since 1998. As we have been emphasizing over and over, equity markets manage to sustain a valuation level (i.e. price/earnings ratio) that seems high relative to the last 40 […]

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